We put Authors first.

We publish your e-book and handle everything – you get paid monthly.


Standard PDF


View pages as it was intended by the author


Works with any device that can display PDF




Get your own personal author page


Promote yourself and your e-book


DRM Protection


We stamp the buyers info on every page


Protected against printing, editing and copying


Easy Setup


No conversions to different formats


We handle everything, you get paid monthly


Complex layouts are no problem for us

Via diPublish authors of special nonfiction or textbooks can publish their own books as an e-book. Usually these type of books often contains complex layouts, therefore we chose to use PDF as the standard format for our e-books. PDF as a format makes it possible to maintain the layout as intended, and it works with virtually any device.

We take dispersion seriously

We protect your e-books with a write, edit and copy protection. We also stamp the buyer’s personal contact information at the bottom or top of each page. If the e-book gets spread, we can trace it back to the original buyer. DiPublish do everything we can to avoid any dispersion, if it would occur we unfortunately take no financial responsibility.


As an author you get your biography page

What distinguishes diPublish to other publishers or bookshops online? The author is our focus! Each author get their own biography page at diPublish. We can also offer you a personal landing page on request from $299.

We handle everything, you get paid monthly

All purchases are handled through diPublish via PayPal, a secure payment solution. We make payments and royalties to the authors once a month. The author receives 70% of the total sales value excl. VAT. It’s easy to get started by making an inquiry here. We will reply with all the information you need and we won’t charge you until a contract is signed.


The e-books works on ALL devices

The PDF format makes it possible to keep the layout as intended by the author. It works with any device that can display PDF files such as Mac, PC, iPad, Android tablets, Paperback, Kindle, Onyx, etc. The e-books do not need to be converted for different systems and therefore look the same on all devices.

Good to know

  • E-books need a different ISBN number than the printed version.
  • The PDF should be in high resolution without crop marks and include both front and back.
  • The author needs to bill us for the payment of the royalty or have a PayPal account.

Price & Royalty

Monthly royalty of 70% to the author


Publish your e-book on dipublish.com
and get your own biography page



Publish your e-book with a custom
landing page and domain

from $299

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No charges will occur until a contract is signed.