Publish eBooks

We put Authors first.

Let us publish and handle everything for you.

Complex Layouts & Copy Protection

Via Publit Sweden AB’s services we can distribute and sell complex eBooks in the standard format ePUB 3. ePUB is a popular file format used for storing eBooks and is short for electronic publication. We keep your e-books safe with DRM copy protection.

Get your own biography page

What distinguishes diPublish to other publishers or bookshops online? The author is our focus! Each author get their own biography page at diPublish. We can also offer you a personal landing page on request.

We handle everything for you

All purchases are handled through Publit Sweden AB. We make payments and royalties to the authors on regular basis. Contact us at for more information.

Sell on your Facebook as well

We can even help you to have your shop on Facebook. For this you must have a Facebook account, a Facebook page and a Facebook application. It is with the help of the application that we install the shop.

Open ePUB files

Because of their widespread use, more hardware eReaders support ePUB files than any other eBook file format. Recommended programs for reading ePUB (other programs are also available):

  • Adobe Digital Editions (Windows, Mac)
  • iBooks (Mac, iPhone, iPad)
  • Kitabu (Mac)
  • Bluefire Reader (iPhone, iPad)
  • Aldiko (Android)